Thursday, May 06, 2010

More About Underwears

So, I've been thinking about moving to another underwear pattern.  The one I've been using forever is a Kwik Sew pattern that they don't even make anymore so, today, I started hunting around for a new pattern to use.  There is an ulterior motive to this; now that I am out of school and the Citizen's Co-op is about to open, I was hoping to host a class on urban survival gear for the eco-urbanite.  Sounds cool, huh?  Here's what I'm thinking:  Have a class of maybe 10 people for a 5-6 week class that meets once a week, and show them how to make 4 or 5 projects, like a dining kit, a tote bag, underwear (getting the picture now?), a cloth tissue holder, and...that's all I can think of right now.  I would have an instruction booklet to give them at the end so that they follow these instructions on their own, and the purpose of the meetings will just to get them off to the right start on thinking about how to sew and use these items.  I don't want to make money on this but I would like to at least pay for the cost of the booklet printing, the trouble the Co-op might have to go through to help me set it up, and maybe a small donation to the Need-a-Bag? Project.  So, depending on how the class shakes out it would be a suggested donation of x-dollars per person.

So, I need the underwear pattern so I can buy a bunch of them and include that into the price of the class. Yeah, I thought about just handing out a trace but that is dishonest.  And, if I find a pattern by an individual designer (like, say, through Etsy) I would be supporting their efforts.  I guess I could make my own -- Lord knows how many times I've used the Kwik Sew pattern, I could probably draw out a pattern on my own.  But, I am lazy.

In any case, I found this pattern for Cheeky-Panties through the Burda site.  I love Burda -- it's very "Euro" but some of their patterns are a hoot.  Anyway, if you go to the main Burda Style page, it says their patterns are copyright-free, so I guess I could just trace and give them out, but it just feels wrong.  But, as a tip, you can go to their site and look at the free patterns.  So, I'm going to try to do the Cheeky-Panties pattern and see if it will give me a heartier panty for use with t-shirts.  Really, the only problem with the Kwik Sew pattern I'm using now is that I have to use heavy-duty elastic on the waist or it falls off my butt!  I bought over 500 yards of lilac and powder blue panty elastic from Hospice Attic about a year ago, and each pair of underwears I've used them with just doesn't have the elasticity I need.  With the CATO Institute undies I made (see this post for pics) I clipped off about an inch of the waist band elastic the instructions says to use, and that seems to have helped. 

Most awesome Batman Underoos for adult females found at the Burda Style page for ParaNoire
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