Saturday, December 13, 2008

Need-a-Bag? Project Update 12.13.08

Note: The Need-a-Bag? project was created to promote sustainable bagging at the Hwy 441 Alachua County Farmer's Market each Saturday morning. We supply reusable tote bags reclaimed from thrift stores and garage sales. The Need-a-Bag? project also utilizes old tank tops as tote bags by sewing up the bottoms (these are called t-totes). We invite you to read the other posts on the project by clicking the "Need-a-Bag? Project" label at the bottom of this post.

It was dang cold at the farmer's market this morning and didn't have any bags -- I had washed some the night before but did not have the chance to Bedazzle the labels on, so we made do with the ones we had. I also noticed that the remodeled laundry bag DG talks about in her dispatch from last week, was gone today! Bought some oranges from the lovely Erika-of-the-sweet-and-tasty-citrus who is back at the market with her dad and "reporting for duty" as Need-a-Bag? Project Associate for the duration of the season. Welcome back, Erika! I was about to get scurvy from lack of citrus.

Poor Jared, the intrepid farmer's market manager, had to take the bags down two weeks in a row because I forgot to tell him Need-a-Bag? Project Associate, Stace, had resigned from her seasonal post -- I also forgot to come by myself to remove the bags...! Darn. We need to knit him a hat, or something equally as fabulous for his taking on duties that were not his responsibility.

About Stace: She did an amazing job picking up the bag putting-awaying duties while Erika was taking a break between growing seasons. Stace is now taking a much-needed break as she and her husband, T-dawg, prepare for the onslaught of the Christmas holidays. And the bags that she and her mom collected for the project will be hanging on the fence next week for sure! Thank you so much, Stace, for all your efforts!

Speaking of thanking people and knitting them fabulous hats (the latter which, unfortunately, will probably not occur in this lifetime), I would like to take a moment to tentatively announce the Need-a-Bag Project's First Anniversary Celebration is almost a go! I say "tentatively" because we still need to hear back from one of our associates about their availability. Two months later than our actual anniversary but it will still be a fun evening of pizza, cake, and surprises!!! The manager of The Original Pizza Palace has kindly offered the back room for the affair--thank you, and sorry you guys are having such chaos, looking at the linked Sun article.

Got the pic of former owner of OPP, Jim Larsen, in front of the original Original Pizza Palace, from the Gainesville Magazine article, "Remembrances of Restaurants Past." Photo by Aaron Daye.
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