Saturday, November 22, 2008

EarthFirst! Website: A Review

I was tooling around for a photo of Al Gore to do a post on his recent initiative to get us using renewable energy in 10 years, the RepowerAmerica site, and ran across the EarthFirst! website/blog.  I am familiar with this group from a class called Radical Environmentalism that I took for my religion minor.  

Just as a note, this site is not to be mistaken with EarthFirst! the dot org site, which is way less tech but still delivers green power goodness, like hooking up with the tree sits in your neighborhood. 

Anyway, I was trying to get this picture of Gore (which I ended up using in the Need-a-Bag Update for 11.22.08 -- oh yeah, I probably should have referenced that...oh well) and then ended up on the EarthFirst! dot com site and was completely entranced.  And then became enraged.  They've been "Snarking up Green Since 1883" and I've only be snarking it up since 2006!  Dammit!  I'm supposed to be the fun-loving site that makes fun of the greeniverse!  And they are obviously so much better at it, doing it since 1883 and all (and who knew that Al Gore invented the internet in 1883??!).

So, I'm looking at their site, with entries such as (the latest)  "Turtles Alter Nesting Date Due to Rising Temperatures."  A funny picture of Ann Coulter with devil's horns and a goatee -- tee-hee!  AWWWW!  WTF!  A picture of boiling skin from antibiotic resistance...!  It looks like ribbons of brain coming out of someone's arm!!! GAHHH!  

Oh yeah.  They're EarthFirst! after all. This is their domain -- showing you the shocking crap we should all be aware of but are only marginally aware of because we watch Good Morning America.  Don't be lulled by pictures of cute turtles and funny photoshopped pictures of Ann Coulter, I say.  These guys are in it to win it. 

Do I agree with EarthFirst! and their philosophy?  No.  Have I ever thought about taking out a new housing development being built on sensitive lands?  And I challenge anyone with at least an inkling of green awareness to say otherwise.  We've all thought these thoughts, anyone who cares about the world they live in.  The crossroads come when you act on those thoughts in ways that are violent.  This separates EarthFirst! from the collective of humans who don't like what's going on in the world but endeavor to make it better in peaceful ways.  

I like the EarthFirst! dot com site and will continue to read it -- I do not agree, however, with their past or their philosophy and if that makes me a greeny wimp girl, then so be it.  

Got the EarthFirst! fist from EarthFirst! the dot org.
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