Sunday, September 07, 2008

Local Milk from Kurtz and Sons

DG and I were shopping at our local, local food supermarket after Need-a-Bag yesterday, and I remembered that DJ, my son, needed milk. As I was carrying away a half-gallon of Organic Valley 2%, DG ran back to the dairy case and gave me a half-gallon of local milk from Kurtz and Sons Dairy in Lake City. Of course, I wanted to be local so I put the Organic Valley back -- it is so automatic to buy that brand of milk that I didn't even see the local options. It's neat-- it's got cream pooled at the top. When we were checking out I said, "hey, I could make butter from cream at the top," to which DG replied, "sure, you just get yourself about 8 of those and you can make a stick of butter, maybe." I wonder if I could freeze the cream clumps and then, when I have enough saved, I can make it into butter by shaking it up in a mason jar.

When I got home with the milk I started having second thoughts. First of all, the milk is full fat unless you take the cream out -- I just wasn't sure how DJ would cotton to this after drinking 2% most of his young life.

The test came this afternoon, when I made DJ a turkey sandwich and he wanted some chocolate milk to go along with it. When I started pouring the milk the cream starting glopping into the cup, so I ended up using a strainer and putting the cream back into the jug. DJ did not have anything to say about the milk at all, and drank it all.

At about $4.25 for a half-gallon, it's maybe a little more expensive than any of the non-local organic brands at Publix. I'm willing to pay that little extra for grass-fed cow's milk that comes from a dairy about 70 miles from where I live.

Here's a link to Slow Food Tallahassee that has a blog post about Kurtz and Sons Dairy that explains the stuff better than I can.
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