Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Bring Your Bags

On the reverse side, it says:
Here's a great way to remember to bring our reusable bags into Publix every time you shop. Just place this cling inside your car's windshield (on the edge so it won't interfere with visibility) and it will remind you.
What I want to know is how a 1x2-inch window cling is going to cause a blind spot, and how will it remind me to bring my bags, after I get into the car and am rolling down my street? You think I'm going to turn around? Ha!

Here's what happened: DG and I did our weekly weigh-in for this weight loss challenge we signed up for, and then ran a bunch of errands. At Publix (my stop, because DG would not be caught in a Publix, much less be caught buying anything in one), DG saw that I was buying a Publix reusable bag for my purchases and we got into a debate that went something like this:
DG: (alarmed) Why are you buying that?
ME: (somewhat sheepish) This is my new strategy for giving totes to the Need-a-Bag? Project. You know, I told you that, you were fine with that...
DG: Not if you're just buying them when you don't need to.
ME: What? I need them...I have purchases...
DG: I could easily carry your frozen pizza and 12-pack of seltzer!

And on an on, down the express check-out line, until we reached the cashier. She was alert to DG's distress and offered me one of these stickers, so I would no longer forget my bags.

I'm thinking more and more that my new approach is wrong-headed, and I should just budget time to go thrifting. I'm so time-management oriented these days, with two classes and senior thesis hours, so maybe I'll do that tomorrow, and forget this stupid idea...
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