Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Plastic Bag Horror Slide Show on PoconoRecord.com and Live the Solution Blog

My friend in Indiana, Chris, forwarded me this email today and I thought it was definitely worth blogging about, since the issue of plastic grocery bags in our environment and getting rid of them is an important issue to me. At the PoconoRecord.com they have a link to a slideshow which shows the impact plastic grocery bags have on our world. I liked the fact that the statistics they posted in the slideshow were all referenced to the news items they were taken from, and if I were more industrious I would follow a couple of them to see if the statistics come from actual, peer-reviewed studies and reports from reliable agencies. I did, however, follow the last image, showing this sign (right) with the pretty catchy saying "Do something drastic...Cut the plastic!" It was for a campaign in Freemantle, which is a town in Australia. But, you would not know that, since there was no photo credit attached to this last slide.

A Google image search led me to Live the Solution blog, created by Australian native, Jane Genovese. It's a cool blog that I would put in the category of inspirational websites devoted to dealing with the environmental crisis in a positive way, providing action-oriented guidance to people who want to make important lifestyle changes. The really neat thing about this blog is that Ms. Genovese has written a inspirational ebook titled, Global Warming: A Mind Mapper's Guide to the Science and Solutions. Even better, the ebook is not only free, but available in several language translations. I encourage everyone reading this to take a look!

Update: Anyway, so I emailed Ms. Genovese a couple of days ago to ask her if the photo of the poster was hers and the PoconoRecord.com was totally ripping her off, but she has yet to respond. So I just now sent her this email:

Subject: I emailed you a couple of days ago
Inquiring about the photo on your blog with the poster to do something drastic, cut the plastic" and have not heard back. I really like your blog and want to report on it for my blog. You're not avoiding writing back because of the Men at Work joke I made a few months back in connection with Earth Hour, are you?


So, maybe she'll get back to me on that picture because now I'm on a quest to totally bust the PoconoRecord.com for not crediting the Australian lady with the poster photo. And she so totally needs the publicity, one because her blog and e-book are great, and also because she's so obviously ignoring any attempts by others to promote her work. I think that's what happens when you establish a civilization based on a penal colony. Ms. Genovese is probably out rhymin' and crimin' when she's not out, alternatively, saving the world.

Postscript: I also found out that the city of Fremantle is making a big effort to eliminate plastic bag usage without actually pushing for legislation banning it, much like San Francisco, or putting a surcharge on each bag, like Dublin. They seem perched on the precipice, however, to do one or the other, however; something I'd like to see more of in the states.
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