Tuesday, December 19, 2006

End of the Year Busyness

Passings and Goings, or Something Like That
After conversing with Delicious G about the blog, she has come to the conclusion that she has greener pastures to sow, or whatever. Something like that. And indeed she does. She has expressed her continued hope that people will not use the grocery store to buy the necessities of life, and I will endeavor to keep that thread of discussion alive in future posts.
Sigh. That's how it is with blogs. "Hey, gang," you say brightly one boring summer day. "Let's all get together and put together a blog!" And everyone goes, "Yay! Let's do it!" and you are all excited for about 2 weeks and then the person who originally came up with the idea and, ultimately, most wanted to put together a blog in the first place, ends up taking it over or abandoning it completely.
Am I bitter? No, actually I'm not. I came up with the idea to do a blog about environmental living and played around with the idea for months. It was actually getting the support from friends to set up the blog and start posting that was the most valuable. DG was a good friend for helping me get AE off to a great start! Edna was a good friend for coming up with the name of the blog and letting me use it!
So, as the year draws to a close I hope that this finds all my friends and family well and safe and in the appropriate spirit for their chosen spiritual holiday.

Changing from Old Blogger to Beta
While complaining about how I didn't have enough time to blog on AE because of health, school, and hearth, I created a new blog. You can visit it here, but it isn't as extensive as AE and probably won't be, for the most part. It just satisfies my other obsession, Saturday morning cartoons, and alleviates some of the guilt of foisting all of this junky TV on my son by making light of it.
Anyway, when I started SMC I chose to do it in Beta, and this has been a good choice and am now planning on switching AE to the same because of the labeling function, blah, blah, blah. This has anxious-making implications, especially if I lose everything! Well, if Buddhism has taught me anything, it's taught me non-attachment thinking. Kind of. So, I'm going to try changing over. This is as good a time as any and if it all disappears, so be it. I'll start again. It's fun and will give me more incentive to start using my web real estate and set up online digs with BellyShout.com (Doug is a great guy for hosting, by the way). Wish me luck!
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