Sunday, November 12, 2006


I decided to take the plunge and eschew all deodorants in an effort to wean myself from them. Is it possible? I'm not sure and can only go by what D.G. told me about her bro's success. She says it took him about a month but he is now deodorant-free and apparently not stinky. So, last week I made some herbal stick deodorant recipe posted on I didn't have rosemary EO so I used a complimentary FO. This made roughly three .50 oz sticks and I gave 2 away and kept the shorty for myself. It's also a great moisturizer stick, and I regularly use it on my knees and elbows. I was using it double-duty in the car one morning (underarm and on my knees) and challenged my old man with, "Like to see your deodorant do THAT."
And I thought this would be the perfect time to start the weaning process as it is starting to get cooler in our little subtropical part of the world. However, by the afternoon it is about as hot as 80 degrees and I do work up a stink walking all over God's creation on the days I'm on campus. When the herbal deodorant is not really needed it's a pleasant lavender scent but when it is truly called upon to deliver some stank cover-up, the net effect seems to be that I end up smelling like an old hippie. Oh well. I'm too far into it now to wait until it gets cooler. I am really missing the Old Spice Deodorant me and the old man have been using for years and occasionally, when no one is looking, I will sneak into the bathroom to sniff the canister and remember better, fresher-smelling days.
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