Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The most annoying "Green" website (and blog) ever? Hey, that's my job!

Thanks to Mother Jones selling these people my email address, I was lured into signing up for the "tip" sheet on green living. At first I thought it would be fine because, well, Mother Jones must know what they're doing to sell an unknowing supporter's email address to a business that wants to help you live green. Not bad, right?
Ideal Bite comes to your mailbox every week with a new "tip" on green living, and they just so happen to have a handle on so, so many products for you to buy to help you in that endeavor!
Their slogan is "Are you a biter?" Well, as a matter of fact I can be a biter, when I'm over-stimulated or sleepy.
Oh, oh, there is so much to hate about this site, but let's start with their riotous "blog" entry about "humane" veal, and here is an excerpt from the comments section -- such a hoot:

"God forbid I discover that I have a love for something that is evil"--Heather, co-author of Ideal Bite

Dear Heather,

no offense, but a love for the flesh of what used to be (and would still be, if it weren't for humans) a living being IS "evil".

All I've got to say is, FUN!
Please read more of this page because it just gets more annoying and, so, hilarious!
Oh, and here is another annoying link:
This is the actual ranking of the "survey" on how helpful you found their advertisement for Working Assets Wireless.
They want you to rate the tips they send -- free marketing information, if you answer honestly, which I did, a "1" on a 5-scale. And they're so cute! "Our psychic abilities indicate you want to rate more tips. Visit the Tip Library to cast more votes!" Think again, Heatherrrrr.
But, I did learn that people want their information short and sweet, which basically guarantees people won't read AE.
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