Saturday, September 16, 2006

Who knew a book about natural dyes would be a fascinating read?

You can tell I have been up to my ears in work lately. One thing I have been doing is getting material together for more posts, but have decided to not do too many news-y type posts because of my trouble with copyrights for articles that I want to link to. Anyway, I've been reading this book loaned by a new friend I made at the library where I work who's really into weaving and knitting, and spinning....gah, it's too tiring to laundry-list all of the things she knows how to do so let's just say she's deeply obsessed with this stuff. Here's the book at left, and you'd think that a book about growing plants to use as dyes and textiles would be pretty mind-numbingly boring, but it isn't! This falls under the "What I would do if I had limitless amounts of time and unlimited resources." So, it's a little bit insane to even consider a garden with flax and yucca at this point when my summer garden totally tanked this year. But I really recommend this for those natural-crafts daydreamers like myself. And for those of you who live in tropical regions, did you know that you can use Spanish moss as a furniture and pillow stuffing? You have to wet it down and let it dry out into a disgusting mat of black fibers, but it's free stuffing if you know how to climb trees to get said Spanish moss.
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