Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Extree! Extree! Read All About It! Saving the Environment is Now COOL!

The July 17, 2006 cover story for Newsweek is entitiled, "The Greening of America: From Politics to Lifestyle, Why Saving The Environment Is Suddenly Hot." The issue talks about different ways to "save" the environment since it's now apparently hot. Why does this suddently irk me? Isn't this the goal of this blog? To find out ways to be environmentally-friendly with your environment? Okay, here's what makes me so p-o'd about these types of articles: They always involve people with scads of dough to live "green." It's like the whole drop out and live simply phenomenon; the only people who can actually do this have already made their millions and are now retired at the tender age of 35. What about us schmoes who are eaking out an existance working doubles at McDonald's? Okay, I'm not working at McDonald's but I don't have 2400 smackers to lay down on recycled denim to insulate my renovated town house, as Mr. Adrian Grenier did. Okay, I don't live in a renovated town house, either.

Gee, this iss is almost 2 months old -- do you think saving the environment is still "in?"
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