Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy Gator Earth Day!

It's University of Florida Earth Day and, hey, here's University of Florida president, Bernie Machen, talking about sustainability (sorry he looks so small in the picture), and some other pictures of stuff I saw on the Plaza of Americas today on my way into work. Also, the Sustainability Hut was there but didn't have time to take their quiz to get a punchcard towards a t-shirt.

I even U-Streamed the event, in my effort to learn how to liveblog on U-stream, I updated Facebook with the update, but there were no viewers.  I have to start an aggressive campaign to get people to subscribe to the UF U-Stream channel (it doesn't exist, yet, but I'm going to start one).

As I was leaving, they were giving out an award to President Machen and his missus, as well as Sustainable UF coffee mugs stuffed with a rolled-up t-shirt to give to other helpers of the campus environment.  I want a coffee mug and a t-shirt, dammit!  I help the environment!  Whatever!

 The terrarium necklaces were the cutest!  They were little disposable plastic sauce containers strung through with colorful cotton string, containing a blog of wet soil that you could add small lichen and what-not to the thing.  One of the people who had organized the table had his terrarium necklace for over 3 weeks.  Pretty cool idea - it would be great for older kids, I think.

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