Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lipton and Rainforest Alliance

So I was looking at the back of this tea bag and noticed that Lipton (a Unilever company) is working with Rainforest Alliance and that 80% of the tea is be what?  It doesn't say!  I'm sure if I contacted the Lipton hotline the customer service rep from India would tell me in a patient-but-exasperated tone that it means that 80% of the tea is sustainably produced and fairly traded.

I'm a little dubious of Rainforest Alliance and thought, actually, that they were a radical environmentalist group.  Not that that matters, except in the crucial, street-cred, not-a-sellout type category.  And it seems that partnering with Unilever is either a really good move for the environment, or rainforest alliance is just as crooked as the next scammy, enviro-for-money escapade.  Will have to do more research.

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