Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Soup vs. Sammiches

So, over the weekend I recorded the first AE podcast with my friend and bicycle mechanic, David G., and we talked about how he has been ranked #1 on GRU's energy reports at least three separate times, and how David saves a lot of scratch by running his water heater for only 40 minutes a day.  There is also a Banjo Break, graciously donated by Brenda W., plus the old man performs the theme song, The Eco Blues. At the end there's a plea to listeners to weigh in on the controversy of which is better, soup or sandwiches?  I say both are equally great, but I've already stepped aside on this issue.  

Next week I think we're going to talk about the Repurpose Project.  I don't have the podcast live for downloading because it's not a great effort, but it'll get better, and maybe I'll start making them available after I get a couple more under my belt.  The first podcast came out to about 7.5 minutes, but I'd like it to eventually be 15 minutes in total.
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