Saturday, February 02, 2013

Cider vinegar and baking soda for hair

Courtney Cox is my besty.
So, I've been doing a baking soda wash on my scalp, followed by a cider vinegar rinse of my hair, pretty consistently for about a year or two, now. (No, I don't use them at the same time!).  The only times I don't use this washing method is when I'm on vacation and use whatever they have at the hotel, or when I'm at Nancy my stylist's (and yes, even an irascible hippie like me goes to a hair stylist every 5 weeks or so), and she washes my hair.

Have you ever had someone wash your hair for you?  My mom always said it was the height of luxury to have someone else wash your hair, and she's pretty much on the mark.  I love it when I get my hair washed; unfortunately my hair is not as happy.  It literally freaks out for three days after I visit my stylist.  After washing it with baking soda and vinegar a couple of times and I can wash out the hair product, it seems to return to it's normal state.

I like my hair, and it has been good to me.  Sometimes, when I see the college girls walking on campus with their super-shiny hair, though, I get a little wistful for shiny hair; my hair is relatively shiny, but not as eye- blindingly shiny if I were using a commercial shampoo.

It's tempting, sometimes, though, to want to use shampoo that will make my hair shiny, like Courtney Cox's.  That's why when I got this ad in the email today I actually clicked through to see if there were any coupons - since Courtney Cox is going to all the trouble to tell me about this fabulous new addition to the shampoo world, and I see how shiny her hair is, I think "maybe I'll give it a try!"

But then I stop myself and click away (especially when I don't see any coupons), and realize that that's just making a whole mess of trouble for my hair.  It's so used to the baking soda scalp wash and cider vinegar hair rinse that I think all my hair would fall out from the frustration of having to adjust.
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