Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thought about sewing: It doesn't have to be perfect

I miss not being able to sew, even though I have this fabulous job that I just love, love, love!  So, yeah, even though I'm blogging when I should probably be doing something related to my job, as fabulous as it is.

Anyway, the last two pieces of clothing I made was a skirt and shirt, from fabric I had gotten the previous summer.  I was really proud of myself for cranking out the two pieces of clothing in little time, and I realized something significant - it doesn't have to look couture-perfect.  No one is inspecting my shirt to see if the seams are all that.  Was thinking about this in the context of how women had to get by with a needle and thread to make clothes for themselves and their families.  From volunteering at the Morningside Living History Farm I have a teeny-tiny inkling of how freakin' hard pioneer women must have had to work to keep everything going, and thinking about how little time they must have had for things like sewing for pleasure.  So, like me, they probably decided that it didn't have to be perfect, it just had to stay together so it didn't fall apart while plowing a field or chopping wood or whatever.

Need to continue thinking like this about things like sewing clothing - it's so beneficial to make your own clothes because you're not buying from companies that have their clothing made in third world hellholes, and it's just a really cool way to be independent (somewhat) of the grid.  Now, if I can justify getting a treadle sewing machine, as pictured above, I will totes have moved off-grid.
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