Saturday, April 09, 2011

Grist: 10 Radical Environmental Posters

I'm not sure how "radical" the ideas are but they sure are pretty.  I blogged a while back about a similar effort posted at ReadyMade by designers to think about posters as WPA-type propaganda efforts (since at the time of printing we were in the midst of a chronic economic meltdown).  This series, hosted by has more to do with the environment than the economy, but the heart of thinking about alternatives to our current path is core to these efforts.  Pictured are my two favorites: "Let's Ride" by Jason Hardy (#7), and "Detroit as Refrain" by Paul Elliman.

The short author comments on their designs are interesting, but I'm going to call BS on Hardy's claim that he chose the green background because green is eco and green means "go" - he chose the damn color because it's the color of a celeste Bianchi.  ADMIT IT, JASON!

I'm also really fond of the last one, "Detroit as Refrain" by Paul Elliman because it takes its cues from an earlier appropriation aesthetic than the other posters, and uses a film commissioned and then suppressed by Chrysler for its theme; this allows the image to be free once again and to expose the hypocrisy of Detroit capitalist and racial politics that has plagued that city for too, too long.  Elliman also notes that it "represents the start of a new age in which the Detroit National Park becomes the first city under the aegis of the National Park Service (U.S. Department of the Interior), circa 2025."  That's pretty dang cool.

Well, enjoy.  Now back to work.
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