Sunday, September 27, 2009

Need-a-Bag Project Update 09.26.09: So, so alone...

Note: The Need-a-Bag? project was created to promote sustainable bagging at the Hwy 441 Alachua County Farmer's Market each Saturday morning. We supply reusable tote bags reclaimed from thrift stores and garage sales. The Need-a-Bag? project also utilizes old tank tops as tote bags by sewing up the bottoms (these are called t-totes). We invite you to read the other posts on the project by clicking the "Need-a-Bag? Project" label at the bottom of this post.

Wish I had taken the camera to the market -- it is so barren of farmers that it isn't even funny. I decided to purchase some eggplants, sweet potatoes, and red potatoes. I'm starting to cook more again, but I'm still a little shy about making huge produce investments.

DG went to the market on her own last week and was ashamed at the paucity of tote bags we had -- that is, in part, because I had taken a bunch of the bags home to be washed. So, we had more bags this week, and Jean had once again lavished us with tote bags, probably for pennies on the dollar. I think because it has been so slow at the market, this will be the time of year we start stockpiling.

Oh, and guess what? The Need-a-Bag? project is coming up on its SECOND anniversary. That's right -- the project will be two years old on October 27th! It seems just like yesterday we were skanking the table for Slow Food Gainesville through a serious misunderstanding with Jared the market manager. Ah, memories.
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