Sunday, April 19, 2009

Candlelight, Elephant Fruit, and Thou: Earth Hour 2009 update

I never did get around to posting about my Earth Hour 2009 experience, did I? We had managed to get DJ to bed before DG showed up to help celebrate Earth Hour in the darkness of our back porch. She's a good sport that way. The old man had already fled the scene by the time Earth Hour began at approximately 8:30 (okay, we were a little late, maybe 5 minutes?) so he could lift weights in the safety of a well-lit campus.

I turned out all the lights and electronics in the house, and then DG and I settled out for a long, long hour of shooting the breeze and stumbling around the darkened house when we needed more ice or a trip to the bathroom (peeing in the dark was fun!).

I admit I was wasn't totally without electronic helpers -- I had to use the camera to take this shot of the candle and lamp-lit table. Also took a cute video which DG will not allow me to post because she doesn't want people seeing our drunken rantings. I deny that we were drunk at the time of the video, however; we had barely touched the bottle of Amarula we had for the occasion!

While waiting for DG to arrive, I had taken a quick walk up my street a few houses to see if I could spot any other Earth Hourers. Such was not the case, my neighbors choosing to spend Earth Hour 2009 swathed in electronic salience around my darkened home. Oh well, maybe next year I'll pound on the neighbors' doors with glad tidings of Earth Hour 2010, and they will laugh heartily before slamming said doors.
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