Saturday, December 15, 2007

Another Book Crossing Update

After leaving my first Book Crossing book on the table in the 1st floor lounge of Library West, I decided that, instead of notifying Book Crossing about the non-existence of the other drop area, I would just create my own. That's the beauty of Book Crossing -- it's endlessly surprising where you can leave books on campus. The crook of a tree, a low brick wall near Century Tower, or a place that evidently exists in an alternate universe of Library West. So, I just made a new drop-off area of Library West, near the entrance of the 1st floor lounge, across from the buck of stars.

The first book I put there was scooped up within hours. There is apparently also a way to sign up for an email alert to releases in your area. A wise move if you want first crack at the new items. I did that and it's fun to see the other places on campus or in town where people leave stuff. I'm almost finished with a book (I'm not going to reveal title or author for shame of how trashy it is, but will definitely be a restorative after a busy semester) and it will soon be swimming in the Book Crossing Stream of Life.
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