Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I'm jealous because fiberlibrarian blogged about this before I did, but I won't be bitter. Bookcrossing is an amazing idea, and it would be great if the large, southern, public university I work and go to school in would allow a depot at our main library to be set up. 'nuf said. The concept is kind of like the "take-a-penny" dish at your convenience store: Need a book? Take a Book. Have a book? Leave a book. Go to the Bookcrossing website and log in the books you want to "release" and then write the number for each book on the inside cover, and write "free, not lost" on the inside of the cover (I got this tip from fiberlibrarian and haven't actually seen this on the Bookcrossing site itself; seems like a good idea, though). You could also write "" Then leave it somewhere or give away. What a concept.
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